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New House, New City, New York

Well we are here! We are in our new house, in a new city (Jamestown), in NEW YORK! That’s right world, we are now New Yorkers! I know I don’t live in New York City or anything, but hey, do YOU live in New York? (Not a question for my friends that actually live in NY.) Maybe I am reading too much into things, but I feel like there is a big difference from where we moved an hour and half away.

From my observations (what better place than Walmart?), people around here seem to be pretty well kept.  Colorful hair dye seems to be popular, which I think is kind of fun. People have kept mostly to themselves, and there are some cool mixes of people that I like to call “yuppie hipsters”. All in all, I feel like it’s pretty normal, and I like the change.

Another thing I have observed, in general it feels more gritty, or “hard” here. Like this is the city and there are a million more people here, which means a million houses squished together in and all around. These houses range from super nice neighborhoods, to not so nice neighborhoods, to mixed with good and bad, to the condemned houses and establishments. Where do we live you ask? I think I would have to classify my neighborhood as a good/bad mix, unfortunately. The day we looked at the house to rent, we drove around and didn’t feel like it was too bad of a place. We knew it would be different than the last places we lived because Meadville was more spread out, didn’t have  much “city-ness” to it, and had country surrounding it on every side. But we felt good about it, we had the good feelings about moving here. (We still do feel good about it, for the record.)

The actual street we live on has nice houses on it. Myers Ave, is off of a not so nice street, but is quiet itself from traffic. Our neighbors wave and are nice, and they keep their yards and houses nice. (Which is what really makes the difference between nice and not so nice places. Quality of people and how they take care of their own property.) But I guess you know you live in the city when you can hear arguments being shouted from a not too far distance, dogs barking all the time, and when you walk or drive by all the tons of porch sitters stare you down. (What is with the porch sitters here and in PA? It’s like the whole family sits out together on their dilapidated porch, and does nothing. Oh, well I guess they stare. That’s something.)

Anyway- the point being, regardless of the surrounding neighborhood, we still feel good about living here. We feel safe in our house, we know we just can’t go walking around the neighborhood. Mom, I promise all is well. =) BUT- the house, the real reason I wanted to post, well it’s awesome.

I sure think it’s cute. It’s got one of those sun room porch things on the front of it. Classy, bugless porch sitting. ha.

It was a little nuts moving in, as moving always is I think.

Moving day was not what we had planned for. We had to go pick up our truck an hour away, and the people were there an hour late. So we had a late start to the day that threw everything off a bit, but we got through it. Ya know, rolled with the punches. (What does that even mean? It sounds painful.) Thanks Meadville peeps that helped us move! And thanks to all our new Jamestown ward friends that helped us move in! Especially all the little boys. Yes, we had 4 little boys that came with their parents (between the ages of 4 and 8) to help us move. It made some parts a bit challenging, but they did a great job listening to directions. I think I loved it so much because I love kids, these guys were all so cute, but mostly because Bladen was SO SO excited to see new “people” as he calls them. He’s never had the opportunity to have many friends, and to have 4 boys with a couple around his age was very exciting for the both of us. Bladen jumped right in and wanted to help when he saw the other boys taking things up and down the stairs. 2 boys were carrying a box upstairs, and Bladen was so excited to be apart of it all, he grabbed a corner and went up the stairs with them. Beyond cute is what that was.

It took awhile to get it all sorted out.

We have been plugging away at sorting and organizing our new house since Saturday. We still don’t have everything exactly where we want it, but I think it’s shaping up pretty good.

Kitchen/dining room view. Our table fits just right into this little nook created by pantry closets on either side.

Kitchen, it’s pretty cute.

We’ve had to get creative with storage because there isn’t as much as we are used to I suppose. Both of those drawers are completely stuffed full with every utensil, small baking accessory, cooking utensils, bags/tin foil/hot pads, and anything else that usually goes in kitchen drawers. I’ll have to organize those later. Maybe.

This is the actual dining room that we turned into our computer room. Or soon to be, my workout room.

It is also Scout’s area. We were going to put him in the basement but it’s a little mildewy down there.

One view of the living room, from the dining room.

Second view of the living room. I love the fireplace and am beyond excited to be able to decorate it come the Autumn Season.

That entertainment center was here when we moved in. We have a tiny TV (look hard, it’s there I promise), and it looks a little ridiculous in it, but it holds lots of DVD’s so why not?

The stairs are behind the entertainment center.

Forgive the unmade bed. Deric and I’s bedroom.

I realize these are all terrible pictures, I just snapped them quickly with my phone this morning. (My point and shoot has pretty much died. Boo.)  Our box spring doesn’t fit up the stairs, so we are currently sleeping on the floor. No big deal. Although it makes making the bed kind of pointless since so much of the covers/comforter hang off and look awesome. Our room is probably the least completed.

This is across from the bed. There is a big nook where my vanity fits perfectly.

My side of the room. The previous tenant put up the vinyl.

“Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.” I can’t decide whether I think that is nice or really cheesy. I don’t really care at the moment. It’s a rental, not mine.

So both rooms upstairs have TWO closets in them. I KNOW! Super cool! This small one in the above picture is Deric’s. The one on the other side not pictured at the moment that is large and you can walk into is mine. Well I should say ours since both of our clothes are hanging in there. But how cool is it that there are two closets? Plus, this is a pretty big room, I like it.

And then there is Bladen’s room.

It is this funny long skinny room. It fits his bed and things just right. There is closet number one which we made into a small mini play closet with a soft rug to play on, with all of his toys. He thinks it’s pretty fun to close the door and play in there by himself. Awesome!

The other side of Bladen’s room. See, long and skinny.

Things not pictured but came with the house: a front door, a bathroom with two sinks (but old from the 60’s or something), basement, small fenced-in backyard, awesome deck, garage, and sun porch.

We are excited for our new adventure, it already feels like home to us. I think this will be a great year, hopefully with lots of wonderful experiences! I live in New York, whoa!


Since we can’t walk around our neighborhood, we’ve found a couple of great parks to visit often. Bladen sure does love it!

Look at that face! (And the hair! Ugh, it’s coming people. The haircut is coming.)

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Saying Goodbye to Meadville

Well I have to be honest, I have been wanting to write this post for a long time. It’s crazy to think that Deric and I have lived in this city, in Pennsylvania for 4 years (and 3 days) now. That is more than half of our marriage. (7 years soon!)

We have experienced some of our very happiest moments: having a child together, watching him grow up, buying a house and enjoying it, graduating grad school and making some of our very best friends with the Nazelrods and Marquez. We have experienced some of the very hardest things here too: Being jobless/hopeless for a year(ish), losing Tucker, struggling to sell our house, moving into a not so great situation, not having any friends for a little while, money, and being so darn far away from family.

It has been good, bad, wonderful, eye opening, enjoyable, stagnant, and sometimes hard. The truth is even though we are so ready to move on and not feel stuck and be able to start the next chapter of our lives, overall we are grateful to have had this experience.

Thanks for the memories Meadville, we sure have a lot of them!

Now I better go practice my Brooklyn NY accent, even though we will live nowhere near there. (All I need to do is watch Newsies a couple times, no problem!)

We’re going to be NYers in a couple days!

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Potty Tales

We have been trying to get Bladen interested in potty training for some time now. At first he seemed excited to sit on the potty, then he discovered that it’s not very much fun to just sit there forever while mom makes him drink juice.

We haven’t pushed it hard, but we have encouraged every time we are in the bathroom together or when we change diapers before bed and especially before bath  time. Sometimes he will comply before bath time, but he has yet to ever have “gone” potty.

Bladen likes these stupid little toys called “Squinky’s”. (I actually think they are pretty cute, but have the STOOOOPIDEST name.)

He thinks they are pretty fun. And since we are well past the stage of putting everything in his mouth, he loves to just carry these little guys around everywhere. Sometimes he plays some make believe things. Anyway- but we thought they would be a good “reward” or incentive to get him to go potty. We would ask him if he wanted to try and sit on the potty and then he could get a “ball” (squinky) afterwards.

It seemed to be working for a little bit. But that tricky smart boy will just sit on that potty forever with no results. Then he picks his new “ball” toy (they come in a ball), and then gets in the bathtub and promptly pees. He even points and says “pee pee.” Sigh.  So I don’t know if he is ready yet, we aren’t trying super hard. I think we will eventually go the pantsless diaperless route for a couple days, when we get in and settled at our new place.

SO, the whole point I brought this up was to share this tiny snippet of a story. Bladen has been getting into Star Wars lately, much to Deric’s happiness (and effort). He has a bunch of Star Wars kids toys (more friendly and cartoony) and he was playing with them the other night while watching Star Wars. I was cooking dinner and Deric came in with this big goofy grin and told me that Bladen had put Chewbacca on the part of his toy that is raised and has a hole. (It kind of looks like it could be a toilet I guess.) But he said, “Chewbacca sit on potty go poop poop, go pee pee, get a ball.” That cute little turkey! He totally gets it, he’s just not willing to do it yet! hahaha, we thought that was pretty funny and clever of our little boy.

Good job Chewbacca, now you can pick a ball… haha

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